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1/25/2023 8:23:57 PM


For the last 5 and a half years, I haven’t slept like a functioning person. Post 11 pm, my brain begins firing the right way, and I must create, get drunk, or both. The creation bit usually yields a new song, a short story based off a recent dream, or a 5 minute drawing to be stuck on the wall and forgotten. In recent weeks, I’ve drawn nothing but self-portraits. I can’t be sure of any significant reason, other than the absence of another live subject. I’ll prop up a mirror, sit on the floor, and scrawl out some suggestion of my face. They all look like me, but often don’t make it past the first stages of completion. This one I did last night while blasted. So far It’s the best one I’ve got, and I think I’ll fix it up more sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s my unfinished drunken work, and unrefined drunken face. I’ll post more Dream Writing soon, once I get around to sifting through the 30+ entries in my notes app. Listen to The The.

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