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1/20/2023 11:51:11 AM

Looking for more people to play with?

then look no further. Myself and a few friends have set up a discord server to help more people with endgame content or just more people to play with. We can teach raids and dungeons as well as GMs when they become available. Best part about all of this is there in No clan requirements or even a mic but we do ask that you still be in voice when we are teaching as this is easier to teach the encounters without flooding the in-game text chat. We are a very chill and patient bunch and would like you to be as well. We welcome all New Lights and Veteran Guardians looking for more people to play with. if this sound interesting to you please feel free to send me a friend request on here or message me on discord @ Lotus#1325 Discord server: you will need to accept some rules before you are able to get full access

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