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Throat-Punch Recruitment Eyes up Guardians. Throat-Punch is looking for gamers who are actively playing Destiny, like end game content and are chill. We are mostly career professionals who love to play Destiny. Weekends and evenings US Eastern is when we game. We typically run Raids, Night Falls and Dungeons but dabble in Gambit & PVP. Clan qualifications are simple, they are as follows: 1580 light level, at least 3 clears on 3 raids totaling 9 raid clears in all, master night fall clears and discord. We can teach good bit of endgame content and if we can’t the multi clan discord we belong to can provide quality Sherpas. We use discord to communicate, set up events, share load outs and guides. [u]Discord is a must.[/u] We also have a zero tolerance for toxicity. So if you’re into belittling, bullying, vamping, mashing, wooing or looking for someone to erotic talk with; your in the wrong clan add. No idiots allowed! We are here for one thing and that is playing Destiny. If you think our clan is your idea of gaming dm myself RoshamBowe#9424 or Chappy Sincl4ir#6253 and we can start the recruitment process. There will be a 2 week vetting process in which you will game with Chappy and I to make sure your a good fit. Keep in mind the vetting is not to see your skill level but to make sure personality is a fit. Look forward to gaming with you. RoshamBowe, Remember “Custos Semper Liberi” Guardians are always free!

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