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1/9/2023 4:21:31 AM

Please Prevent Allies from Triggering Gunpowder Gambit

Allowing allies to trigger Gunpowder Gambit was a mistake. Not only have I had issues in the past with allies triggering the ability the moment I throw it, killing me due to being at the center of the explosion, but more recently, I am having issues using it in my damage rotations. During my damage rotations, my allies are accidentally shooting the ability while it is travelling to the boss, not only reducing my damage, but theirs as well. In addition, if they are using an explosive weapon, there is a chance they could kill not only me, but themselves as well. The ability itself is already a high enough risk with how much self damage it deals even at the edge of the damage radius. Adding in the chance that your allies can trigger the ability early adds way too much random chance to the ability that a player cannot control. I would suggest that the ability would be immune to all ally damage or if that is not possible from a development stance, then instead making it much harder for allies to trigger it as opposed to the user. This would be similar to how I think stasis crystals work as I have noticed it seems to be harder to destroy my ally stasis crystals compared to my own.

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