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12/19/2022 7:36:43 PM

Tired of massive clan branches that have massive watered down discords and don't offer consistency? Want to be apart of a newly created community? Then House of Niobe is perfect for you!

Hi there! My name is Saint and I am the leader of the [i]newly [/i]created clan House of Niobe! [u]Preface:[/u] I am hoping to create a clan focused on [b]endgame PvE[/b] such as Grandmasters, Raids, Dungeons, day ones, and more! I know creating a clan at this stage of the game is rough, but all I see know are massive clans filled with multiple branches in a server that have people not even in the clan! This can make it hard to consistently get stuff down as you never get to know the people in the clan and only end up sticking with a few people. I want to be able to have a [b]tight knit community[/b] full of players who can get stuff done while having fun. [u]About us:[/u] - We Include All platforms - Use Discord for communication and event planning - Are Located in NA (Please be as well) [u]Requirements:[/u] - 100+ full raid clears - 16+ - Use Discord as primary communication - Stay active in the discord and play the game decently frequently I know requirements can seem arbitrary but these just help me know your history in the game. If you are still interested, please reach out to me in any way you deem necessary! Come help me create an amazing community :) - Saint

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