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12/17/2022 9:49:33 PM

I wanna touch on the issues I have with the 3.0 class system, specifically aspects, going forward.

If you don't wanna read all of this, just scroll down and you can read what I'm looking for. I think we can all agree that subclass 3.0 is a step in the right direction for most of us (good changes or not). It allows greater freedom and gives bungie a way to continue to add upon the classes in the future if they so desire. Where I have found fault with this, much like with the original subclass system, is that a large part of our subclasses defining traits are still not intrinsic. Arc 3.0 is all about melee for titans. I know the grenade aspect is the best part of it, but the identity of striker is melee. Knockout is super loaded with all traits that striker needs to be an effective melee subclass. It gives health regen, damage, range AND it procs amplify. Now let's say for example bungie DOES decide to create new aspects...because of how front loaded that single aspect is on striker...once we create new aspects, there won't be room to take this one off to try out various builds because of how much it carries the identity, UNLESS a new one does something similar. The same problem plagues warlocks. Warlocks want to be amplified, but they can't become amplified (as easily) without the aspect that let's them do it. So in the future, since bungie said this subclass wants to be amplified, they'll either have to create aspects that work around that one, or a new aspect that can proc amplify...which will lead to a bottlenecking of build diversity OR aspects that don't work well with the class. Stasis titan is that problem amplified. By itself it has no real identity. It can't shatter Crystal's without the aspect, it can't freeze as nicely as the other classes without diamond lance or the uppercut...and the super is both clunkier at destroying as well as creating crystals for a quick freeze. [B][u]WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:[/u][/b] In order to avoid a behemoth problem, make certain basic parts of the defining class aspect intrinsic, but with a weakened effect. Example: Solar titan is about damage, let sunbreaker generate roaring flame stacks without the aspect, BUT shorten the duration to 10 seconds and the damage bonus to half of what it can currently build to. Then create an aspect to buff the value of roaring flames back to it's original value. [B][u]WHAT THIS WOULD DO FOR US AND BUNGIE:[/u][/b] This would allow us to more comfortably mix and match aspects going forward, while also allowing bungie to potentially create more unique but not CLASS DEFINING bonuses. [B][u]LIKELY DRAWBACKS TO THIS:[/u][/b] Power creep. A sunbreaker that can run sunspots, the super powerful melee aspect and still have bonus damage would be INCREDIBLY broken. But I think sunbreaker is the outlier of the bunch, not the standard because of how it's built and they can always tune it be more fair.

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