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12/17/2022 6:06:27 PM

Vorpal Guardians Recruiting New Faces

VORPAL GUARDIANS ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! (USA Based playing from West Coast to East Coast) ALL PLATFORMS WELCOME! PC, PLAYSTATION AND XBOX [b]Vorpal Guardians Need You![/b] Do you want to raid? [b]We do![/b] Do you want to try and go flawless in Trials? [b]We do![/b] Do you want that sweet loot from completing Grand Masters? [b]Good golly WE DO![/b] COME GROW WITH US! The majority of us are from former clans and we have a lengthy play history. Our objective is to do end game content while also just having fun playing the game. Everyone has a life outside of Destiny 2; Have it be college, a family, work, or all three. If you wanna get away from it all for a while and talk about D2 and other random topics - Welcome Home. If you have long gaps in your play history and still want to join - Reach out to us. We run player history checks on all players requesting to join to make sure you'd be a good fit for the clan. These are through Raid Report, Dungeon Report, Nightfall Report and Crucible Report. These are all free services which pull your data. Players who have not played since 2019 and can't show progression or the necessity of wanting to play Destiny 2 would not fit in here. We want an active player base who focuses on GMs, Raids, Trials, Comp, etc. over the casual running the strikes playlist once a week. This is an adult clan. We are here to discuss all things Destiny 2 (and other gaming habits). We want to help you be highly proficient in completing raids, reaching the Lighthouse and not dying at the boss in Grand Masters 8 times in a row. I know that feeling all too well - it's time you'll never get back. We want everyone to flourish or gain experience in objectives they aren't very skilled at. The better you become the better we all become. With that being said, let's save the universe together! [b][u]What we simply require:[/u][/b] [quote]+ Own all DLC's for Destiny 2 on your preferred platform. We want to do a lot of new end game material and run whatever for the best loot. We want to also help you get new exotics, catalysts, armor, etc. [b]+ A completed and public profile. We will check your play history to see if you have any [i]long gaps in your play history.[/i] Most of us spend 90% playing Destiny 2 when we are gaming. If you play once a month or are an on/off again player this clan is not for you. [/b] + 18+ years old. This is an adult clan. *** If you have a kid who plays they will be allowed in also at your discretion. Admin's will not censor chats for them. + A working headset WITH mic to communicate with members in-game. + We *require* you to join our discord server for chat and other purposes of getting your runs done. This will also help you communicate with everyone, check events and build friendships. Discord link will be sent after approval. *** You will have 72 hours to join our server or be removed from the clan. + We are and will not be P.C. Everyone is unique and has a way with words. But if you are being annoying - we'll let you know. + We do not require you to strictly play with clanmates. But please choose/ask them first before reaching out to other friends/previous clanmates. If you're only able to get 3 people from the clan at the time of need for a raid, sure - reach out to others. + Play at least twice a week with clanmates. + 2 things we don't discuss: Religion and Politics. If you find someone who is in your mindset, cool. Talk to each other in your DM's. + Don't cheat. Cheating isn't fun and will be an instant removal from Vorpal Guardians. + Bill and Ted said it best: "Be Excellent to Each Other". or Joe Dirt "Life's a garden, dig it!"[/quote] ****[b][i]Please[/i], If you have any questions or you have gaps in your play history, reach out to us! Most of us in the clan have been in previous clans together and we get along great.[/b] Bless your heart, FPSian#4996 KiNqPhIsH#1330 Chef#5023 EternlRayne#4886 OneTiredTitan#4665 Vorpal Guardians Clan Page:

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