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Bearbeitet von Volern: 12/14/2022 5:53:34 PM

Can we please pick up orbs or power with a full super

It super annoying having to run an explosive light heavy or star eater scales to get devour on hunter. Wouldnt be so bad if there was a void explosive light gun but they are all either arc or stasis. And you wont be running star eater scales on deadshot so its such a pain to have to either use something that lets you pick up orbs when super is full or having to waste your super just so you can get devour again after losing it, especially on titan when you have no choice but to use your super. But atleast on titan you can use heart of inmost light to get abilities back, hunter has no such privilege. Adding a heart of the pack aspect could rectify this problem decently well, but we all know how likely bungie is to make new aspects based on what has been added to stasis since it came out.

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