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11/24/2022 3:30:31 AM

Weapon bounty D1 Style.

I have seen some videos of D1 package opening, where you purchase a bounty, complete it and open it for a random weapon based on the weapon bounty you bought. This is something that could work really well in this game. Instead of waiting each season to see if they bring back some old weapons or get disappointed that they do. You could instead give a weapon bounty to each core vendor. Zavala's bounties will give you old Vanguard weapons. Shaxx will give you Crucible weapons. Drifter will give you Gambit weapons and Banshee could either give world or previous seasonal weapons. There could even perhaps be a vendor that gaved you faction weapon bounties. This might sound like a lot of work, giving them all a new perk pool and enable them to be infused and all of that, I do have a simple solution to that. Weapons before Forsaken have a static roll so they will drop with a static roll, weapons that dropped after Forsaken had a perk pool already, so make them drop with those perks. The static ones and especially if they are going to be sunseted might be a wierd and pointless thing to ask for, but it could be cool to try some of those weapons that you missed before. Especially some of the Faction weapons. For new commers this will be their way to experience (well sort of) What we did. I do like to fill my collection so this would be a plus for me and also for others who likes to do the same. Sunsetted weapons still works in pvp and some pve content. I also did mention that they could give Banshee the World/Seasonal weapon bounties. Those (atleast after Beyond light) are not sunsetted and they can be used anywhere. Instead of weapons now being gone forever or for multiple seasons, they could now be added into the bounty list. Yes this would or atleast could cause Bungie to have to make new weapons each seasons, but even then, they have brought back weapons and given them a different perk pool before. This way you could get the old weapons with their origional perk pool. Some times the old perk pool is better. It might seem strange for them to make a bounty system that rewards sunsetted weapons, but i think that it will give us something to do. Atleast now you will get something for completing a Strike or a Gambit match.

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