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11/11/2022 12:00:06 AM


I have a warlock I started play D2 for the 1st time with as my 1st experimental class. Now that we are going into season 19 I want to change the way this character looks. Currently looks like IT from Steven King, BUT has ALL the progress I have ever had since the Red War. Is there a way I can change the physical features in game? -or- can I delete my 1st character create a new one with different physical features WITHOUT losing ALL progress since the Red War? (This is key for me-not to lose all progress since 4 years ago). Can it be done and how? I would be happy to just change physical features without deleting my warlock. *Suggestion: If there is no way to change the physical look of the character (like when you 1st create them), can it be added to the game so we can make changes and even if there is a cost of game material, glimmer, upgrade module, prisms, etc? Do other players want this option also? Hyper-Knight67 SLWS

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