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11/7/2022 1:50:01 AM

Getting error coded after this weeks patch

After 2. November's patch I've gotten at least 25 error codes featuring: anteater, bat, arugula, weasel and bee. Till this week's patch, I did not have a single networking issue in this game. After the patch, I've been having issues with raid mechanics not syncing correctly with the server, not being able to do any damage in any of the PvE activities and not being able to do damage to enemies except the invaders or interacting with teleporters, and also in trials: being able to play for two to three rounds, and end up getting an anteater error code following with a bat code going back to the orbit while shaxx waiting there with an oops! message saying I'm suspended for half an hour. For anyone wondering if this is from my end or the game: I have tested the connection for speed and packet losses, reset the router, verified game files(4 times before and after deleting and reinstalling the game), checking if bungie's ports are closed or not in router settings, made sure all drivers and OS are up-to-date, changed Wi-Fi frequency band from 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz and vice versa, changed to LAN from Wi-Fi.

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