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11/7/2022 11:12:35 PM

Restoration x 2, All 3 classes should have this

With the upcoming nerf to Restoration, I really feel that Warlocks being the only class to be able to utilize Restoration x 2 isn't balanced at all. All 3 classes should be able to utilize Restoration x 2, ESPECIALLY with the upcoming nerfs. Warlocks can naturally gain access to Restoration x 2 through their aspects, I feel like it's not out of the way to give Lorelei's back Restoration x 2 and add some way for Hunters to gain Restoration x 2 as well, whether it be through a fragment or a new exotic. At least Titans and Hunters would have to give up their Exotic armor slot to get it. I don't feel like that's a bad trade off. With the upcoming nerf to Restoration x 2, I think you are going to see a big (bigger) decrease in Solar Titans and Solar Hunters. At that point why try to utilize the rather minor survivability boost Solar gives those two classes, when you could just go Arc and slay out, or Void for the increased survivability there. Just my 2 cents. Give Titans and Hunters a way to get Resto x 2 Bungie!

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