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11/5/2022 8:28:24 PM

Need a fun clan? A group of people to enjoy raids and dungeons with? How about just a group of friends? Accusers of the Brethren want YOU, Guardian!

[url=]Https://[/url] Hey there, Guardians! The Accusers of the Brethren are looking for fun, active, friendly members to join the wonderful community server and network of clans we've made. We love helping people learn raids, dungeons, and enjoy the occasional pvp match as well. We just went under some refurbishing as a server as well, meaning we have room for some incredible Sherpas that want to help guide Lights, New and Veteran. We have channels for cars, tech stuff, other games, art, and so much more! Everyone I've ever met in this clan and server has been an incredible friend to me, never made me feel out of place, and welcomes everyone with open arms and laughs all around. How do you join such a wonderful and friendly clan, you ask? Easy peasy! Just follow a few short steps. [b]1. Go to our discord by clicking the above link.[/b] [b]2. Get your Guardian and Profile setup completed.[/b] [b]3. Ping the leader of the clan accepting applications.[/b] And that's it! Come join our wonderful network of friends. I look forward to seeing y'all there! Eyes up, Guardians.

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