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11/5/2022 1:57:26 AM

I have no legacy triumphs, and my triumphs page on is broken.

I've been playing since D1 and I just came back to D2 on ps5 after a years long break. I jumped right in without paying much attention to the triumphs. I started to realize that my account is almost as if I had never played before (example: I'm getting notified about completing something for the first time when I've done it dozens of times before). When I checked the triumphs page to complete the new ones I had achieved, I saw that my total score was 0, when my legacy score should be somewhere around 20,000. My vault is still full of all my legacy gear and I have emblems, shaders, and emotes that go back to year 1, so I know I'm not having some sort of account mixup. My account just doesn't reflect that I've done anything in-game. When I logged into my bungie account and went to my triumphs page to see if it said the same thing on here, it fails to load anything and just says "A Destiny account is required to use this feature," even though I'm logged in, so I'm pretty sure its an issue with my account itself. Like I said, I still have all my stuff that I earned over the years, so no real harm done, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if there's a resolution to this issue because It'd be cool to have my score reflect how long I've been playing! Thanks!

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