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10/31/2022 8:30:06 PM

Casual weekend raid times for casual weekend raiders!

Do you have a fulltime job and find it hard to get a good group during the week? Do you have a family and need to focus on specific targets when you play? Do you dislike large, noisy discords where you end up just padding someones member count? Dad Vibes is currently looking to fill a couple of vacant raid spots and we are willing to teach if you have an interest in learning. If you are looking for a small, consistant group of people that play almost everyday in the evenings, we have you covered. Are you sick of people in the LFG apps bailing on you after 2 attempts at a boss? Does the elitist attitude of some players turn you off from doing group activities? Does the fear of failure keep you from doing anything besides strikes and seasonal events? We are looking for casual/relaxed people that can handle the pressure of learning endgame activities in a group. Our raid schedule is 7pm EST Friday night and 2pm EST Saturday and Sunday. We prefer doing things as a clan and therefore don't particularly enjoy pugging. Monday through Thursday you'll find us doing Pinnacles, Weekly Missions, Wellspring, Triumphs, Seasonal Activities, Dares of Eternity, buildcrafting and alts. Friday through Sunday we work on raids, raid triumphs, challenges, GM nightfalls and more complicated stuff. We are looking forward to having a solid group to complete raid challenges for those sweet titles. The discord is fairly quiet due to a mixture of burnout and people having to work. Speaking of discord, here's what you'll find; Clearly defined rules. Voice channels for different activies(look at all the space!) Discord events for ease of time management and reminders. Channels with info separated out by raid and dungeon. A bot that tells everyone how long it took you to finally get that exotic everyone else has had for years. Roles that are different colors. They don't mean anything, but they look cool. The clan is open join. There is a link to the discord if you are wanting to raid. Discord is required for GM's and Raiding. *Khaki shorts and flip flops not included.

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