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10/24/2022 7:54:14 PM

Iron Wolves [WOLF] - 500+ Active Members, 3000+ Community, Day-1 Challengers, Raids, Competitive PVP, GMs, Triumphs, Sherpas, New player friendly

Captivated by the Iron Lords of Old, The Iron Wolves [WOLF] Roam as a mighty pack to decimate every challenge thrown in their way. Here in the den our Iron Wolves members and non-members can find active players to form full fireteams to accomplish end-game challenges, form bonds between clan members, and play with veteran PvE / PvP players who are viciously hungry for their next meal. Our LFG section is filled with top-tier [WOLF] members who are always available to group up for activities. ~ Teaching activities. ~ Seasonal and Playlist fireteams. ~ Teaching raids and kwtd raids. ~ Low man/speed runs. ~ Day-1 raid teams. ~ PvP comp/survival and casual fireteams. ~ Trials / Experienced Flawless Runners. ~ Gambit casual and stump teams. ~ Triumphs. ~ Clan-formed activities / Raid races. ~ Active clan streamers. Discord Membership and Activity are REQUIRED for Clan Membership. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Join our might pack the [WOLF] Clan: 1. Upvote this post and comment that you would like to join 2. Join our discord server and follow the instructions in the Welcome message: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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