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Bearbeitet von Grim_Dude: 10/23/2022 4:15:01 PM

Volatile Void Titan Thought.

Something about it feels unfinished compared to the others in terms of cooldown options. Solar can pick up their hammer and recharge abilities through a team-buffing fragment, Arc has Amplified/Ionic Traces (I forgot which takes priority), and Stasis has Shatter and Shards. They all implement their element in some way to reduce cooldowns, while Void has a skill that reduces Melee Cooldown on Grenade Damage and vice versa. I mean, sure, Offensive Bulwark also increases Grenade Recharge with overshield, but it's somewhat underwhelming compared to the others. I think it would be more versatile if its kit revolved more around Volatile procs. Like, imagine Melee/Grenade getting a cooldown buff from causing volatile explosions. It could be more engaging and help ease Titans off relying on Heart of Inmost Light (Unless ya wanna double down on more cooldown, which might be a broken issue) and allow them to branch out to the Exotic Armor builds.

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