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Arc Staff vs. Sentinel Shield - Not even a close comparison

The amount of damage that an Arc Staff can block while guarding is absolutely ridiculous, even more so by making Sentinel look utterly pitiful in comparison. You can easily block and survive an entire Thundercrash while in Arc Staff and continue using your super afterward, yet if you tried the same in Sentinel Shield, it would either kill you outright or consume your entire super to block it. This isn't even mentioning the absolutely broken combination with Raiju's Harness, more than doubling the duration of Arc Staff while guarding AND making you near impossible to challenge or kill while doing so. It's obvious why Raiju's is the newest super cheese swap exotic that you put on before activating it - the Hunter equivalent to Eternal Warrior in its prime with former bottom tree Striker. Another super swap cheese exotic is Blight Ranger, doing effectively the same thing as Raiju's except now it generates totally free Orbs of Power on top of it, letting you chain supers more effectively as well as increasing the damage of everything reflected back. This is all on top of Arc Staff's intrinsic ability to dodge while in the super, making it almost impossible to kill. Arc Staff has so many incredibly strong abilities built into it and is tied with Burning Maul as a T3 super for being among the fastest roaming super cooldowns, yet it's clearly deserving of a T1 super cooldown on its own, or at minimum a T2. Even more so, Arc Staff is legitimately broken and will not be suppressed properly from Sentinel's Shield Bash melee attack. [url=]Just watch this clip.[/url] This super alone is aggressively overpowered in its offensive and defensive combinations, yet the Titan equivalent, whose entire purpose is to be defensive by guarding with a shield, is in a totally miserable state of affairs. This isn't even mentioning how Sentinel Shield still struggles the worst out of all melee-based supers with pitiful hit registration (5 years later and counting), leading to frequent trades or clear hit sound effects yet no kill or even damage is registered. Raiju's Harness pushes Arc Staff into a degree of unfairness that makes it near impossible to challenge, even with your own shutdown or roaming super to counter it. You can barely even run from it because they'll catch up to you and kill you anyways. Just as my title says: Sentinel Shield lasts less time, has a longer super cooldown (T2 for God knows why vs. T3 Arc Staff for God knows why), blocks less damage and is far weaker than Arc Staff currently is. Its only saving grace is its ability to throw the shield, rendering you helpless while doing so and praying that the shields actually kill someone. There are zero reasons to run Sentinel Shield, even if you try and cheese swap with Ursa Furiosa to regain some super energy back. Arc Staff needs serious PvP nerfs, a strong reconsideration of its place as a T3 super, and Raiju's Harness and Blight Ranger need equally serious PvP tuning (along the lines of what Heart of Inmost Light received for PvP and PvE ability energy and damage separation). It is clearly the biggest outlier out of all roaming supers currently and it's not even close. Along similar lines, Sentinel Shield needs serious PvP buffs and a hit registration rework, like all melee-based supers desperately need. At the very least, it has no business being a T2 super with how badly it sucks. There's a reason why absolutely nobody uses it and all you see is Ward of Dawn/Bubble in PvP.

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