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10/7/2022 3:35:30 PM

[All Platforms Welcome] DarkFyre Blades are recruiting!

Guardian, [i]This is my second time writing this post so I recommend you to join us. [/i] [b]We are finally back at recruiting for the clan after a while. [/b] We're players from all over the globe, most of our members are from the [b]US[/b] but a good amount is from the [b]EU[/b] like myself and we also have folks in [b]AUS[/b]. With that, we cover a lot of time-zones where we can provide assistance or simply grouping up for [u]Nightfalls, raids and even trials![/u] The clan was found at the launch of Destiny 2 but before that a strong majority of us already played D1. We house ourselves in a [b]fully upgraded Discord server[/b] called "Yoda's Barn" where we are just more than a clan. I highly recommend you to check the Discord out and see what we offer. And lastly, we are a chill group of people where we enjoy a good chat, some banter and overall having a good time. [b]How to join?[/b] [u]Join the Discord:[/u] ,get yourself the Destiny role and simply @ any of the staff or myself Jp in the server and we'll get you sorted. Discord is required so we can all properly interact and have a good time. We'll see you on the other side! :)

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