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9/29/2022 7:44:01 AM


*CLAN RECRUITMENT ALL CONSOLES* Hello fellow Guardian! We of Famous Villains 12 are looking for new recruits in our welcome, active, small, new clan! We are only 9 members currently as this is a brand new clan however we are all skilled endgame players! Clan link and my personal raid report is at the end of this message! The Requirements are as follows: 18+ players only! Must be active on Discord! Must join in activities! Must have knowledge of raiding and endgame activities! We play all aspects of the game from sweating out on Crucible, completing raids and even grabbing those motes in Gambit! Upon joining you will have a two week probation period where we will get to know you and if we feel you are a good fit for the clan! You will be sent the discord link via a message as well. Feel free to message myself with any enquiries! Check out our #Destiny2 clan! My raid report for anyone interested;

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