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K1LL Methodz- All platform- 21+ Clan is actively recruiting mature players- All Raids, Crucible, and End Game content

Hello and welcome to your final stop in your search for a clan. We are a very mature and active clan that competes and completes all end game and seasonal content. We are a US based clan but we have members all across the globe to help facilitate any activity you are trying to complete. Whether its PVE or PVP we have Admins and other clan members that are willing to join and/ or teach ANY activity. I’m not too much into cookie cutter copy and paste posts so feel free to check my Raid and Dungeon report here: I believe that once you join a clan you shouldn’t need to spend your time searching LFG on bungies forum to find capable mature people to complete a few raids. Check out our clan page and read through our summary. Clan page URL: If you’re looking for a good group of people to play with and have some fun while tackling some end game content feel free to send me a message.

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