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9/26/2022 1:35:31 PM

So, getting disconnected AGAIN...lots of baboon error codes and the occassional anteater. Bungie plz

I already posted in the help forums several times about getting constantly disconnected and not any typical disconnect. I was getting a slew of error codes in a row where I could barely game in D2. Last night, it finally seemed ok. was able to play for a few hours without getting disconnected. Now, the troubles have started again. Getting baboon error codes pretty consistently now. BUNGIE, check my account. Been playing Destiny and sunk a lot of money on your game to enjoy. Can't enjoy without playing your game. Can't even go into PvP for fear of getting "babooned" again and again, then suspended due to your policy for leaving a match when I was forced to leave due to your server issues. This started after thursday's update/patch. on PS5, direct wire. I reset the router, the PS5, emptied the cache on the PS5, checked all the networking, and called my ISP. ISP said all is nominal (meaning operating normal). Fix this please.
#Help #Networking

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