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9/27/2022 8:20:26 PM

Unity [Crossplay] [18+] [PvE Focused Clan] Looking for more laid-back, fun-loving players to join our ranks

Unity (18+) Unity is a small and close nit clan looking for more laid-back, fun-loving players to join our ranks in Bungie’s Destiny 2. Our clan consists of players from Console and PC ranging from NA, Canada, and Australia. We go after most titles and triumphs in-game, but never miss an opportunity to get into some sort of PvE or PvP shenanigans. Unity doesn’t mind teaching Raids at all so if you have never been to a raid before that is fine with us! We also love to post memes and talk about Video games and movies in our clan Discord as well. -Semi-hardcore PvE Clan -Active Discord -Non-Toxic Environment -We do PvP Trials/Iron Banner -Weekly Raids/Nightfalls So, if you are looking for a new clan to call home join on up! Let’s Enjoy, Laugh and Experience Destiny 2 Together. How to Join: -If interested in joining up send me a message so we can chat about you joining(xxkill#7431)

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