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9/27/2022 9:58:07 PM

-OCE- Hunt The Darkness is recruiting for all Activities -PC, PSN, Xbox-

About us: We are looking for amazing people to help create a fun and supportive clan while playing Destiny 2. 1.We run weekly raids and have sherpas to help you with any raids you haven't completed yet. (We also try to do Day 1 raids.) 2.We run and teach endgame content such as GM's, dungeons, etc. 3.We help with completing Seals/Triumphs/etc. 4.We do some PvP and Gambit. 5.There is a dedicated builds channel, where you can get advice and show off your builds. 6.We're a welcoming and friendly bunch! We like to have fun while keeping things civil. 7.We try to provide a safe community where people of all backgrounds can come together and enjoy the game. (We are mainly a OCE Clan, but we welcome players from all over the world who might have different play times due to Work, School, or just Life in general. PC, PSN, Xbox. English Only) Links: HTD Discord: Leader's Steam:

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