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9/24/2022 5:53:53 PM

[EU] Carriot Hunion Squad [FEET] is recruiting!

[EU] Carriot Hunion Squad [FEET] is recruiting! A new, EU-based PC clan -- the Carriot Hunion Squad -- is recruiting and wants [b]you![/b] [b]No matter if you are a new player or a D1 veteran[/b], let's come together to do some bussin' raids, PvE stuff and even PvP Our only requirement is that you are active both in-game and in our Discord server! [b]So how do I join?[/b] 1. [b]Upvote this post[/b] - this bumps the post to the top and makes it easier for others to find it 2. [b]Join our discord[/b] - 3. Once in the server, [b]follow the instructions in the 📙server-guide channel[/b] [b]Well... what's in it for me?[/b] - Regular raids - Sherpas (we'll teach you raids, dungeons,...) - End-game activities (GMs and more!) - Fun clan mates Let's build up this clan together - see you around Guardians! Free orange juice for new joiners 😏 [b]PS our in game clan tag is [FEET] - speaks for itself, no?[/b] (also Kay's Cooking is the queen - if you disagree we'll find you)

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