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[Xbox/PC] [UK / US] || Discord || Raids || Endgame || Blacksmiths

Born In The Light, Forged In Fire, We Devour The Enemies Of The Foundry Welcome Guardian The blacksmiths was formed by 3 Friends Prolone/Armageddon/Identical With the mindset of creating a PVE clan and clan focused on PVE Endgame and one of our most important ambitions to create a Community free of toxicity and where everyone can feel safe and right now we are sitting at 40 members Strong and are still growing! We raid We nightfall We Anything We are a community! To join just some things to know before hitting that juicy Button!! 1.Be 18+ 2. You Must Join our awesome interactive Discord server 3. Be active [b]Note: [/b] we are Uk/American based clan with people primarily from those two regions we also have a few fellow Canadians in our clan also! See you on the field Guardian!

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