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9/26/2022 5:34:24 PM

☠️ Ashes of Savathun [AoS] ☠️ [17 Clans] [PC/PSN/XBOX/Stadia]

[b]Ashes of Savathun is a large community with 17 clans. [/b] Join us for the current season: Season of Plunder! We are open to all platforms! We have a wealth of experienced raiders and Sherpas as well as PVE guides and PVP mentors & players. There are always groups going for raids, dungeons and PVP content. And we now have a new PVP focused clan! We are very engaged in building our community and look forward to having new, returning and veteran players come on board to game with us. Being active on Discord is the best way to get the most out of not only our clan, but any clan you join as it's the main way we organize activities and raids in game. Clan member or guest, doesn't matter, jump into discord voice chat with us and lets get our game on guardians! Requirement to join the Clan: [quote]Be active in Destiny and on Discord.[/quote] How do I join? [quote]First upvote this post by clicking the arrow directly above the number at the top left of this post then follow the link to join our Discord server and follow the instructions in the welcome channel or talk to one of our Staff. We do monthly activity checks to make sure we are maintaining an active clan. We are also happy to have non-clan members play with us in our server so drop by and say hi.[/quote] Please do us a favor, up vote and comment on this thread. Thanks <3

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