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Bearbeitet von Lord Saladinnerplate: 9/26/2022 2:37:11 PM

Incessant "bee" and "anteater" errors

Today only, I've been getting a ridiculous number of Bee and Anteater errors. The odd part is, I get the error only between rounds of PvP, then I load back into the next round. After about five seconds, I get booted with a "bat" error code. I played Friday briefly with zero issues, and have never had problems with errors kicking me until today. My network is the same as it has been, and all tests on my end are coming up clean as a whistle. Other games function fine. Anybody else having this issue, and anybody having luck with workarounds? I wanted the adept bow but I won't be able to if I get tossed out every other match or more often. Again, *NEVER* had this issue before now. Didn't change settings at home. Everything works fine everywhere but D2. Got my first "quitter timeout" in years today because of it. Also of note, I play on PC.
#Help #Networking

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