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9/24/2022 5:12:40 PM

Unplayable - Constant WEASEL / BABOON

Similar connection issues this season that I see floating around but no way to do anything but post up on it...any assistance would be super appreciated. Quick rundown: - Constant network error and reconnection messages every 3-5min after I log in for the last couple weeks. Game is totally unplayable...can't finish a single Ketchcrash, expedition, strike. Took 7 or 8 tries to get thru the Mithrax, Eido, Eramis cut scene in the campaign this week. All progress is effectively stopped. - PS5, wired LAN (excellent speed and stability), no problem with other online games (i.e. MW, APEX, streaming generally, ect). My son has a separate PS5 and he's got no issues with Destiny 2 from his machine and accoutn. Very confident the issue isn't on my end. - did all trouble shooting on PS5 such as restarts, cache clears, re-installs and on router. Up until about 2 weeks ago no major issues...would get the occasional network error but I could go days with no friction and when an error occurred it seemed like a one-time problem. As is unplayable. From a customer standpoint I put a lot of money into the game since Destiny 1 Taken King until now and I pre-order every season (including Lightfall) and I have a serious issue with the service at the moment. Has anyone seen any kind of communication from Bungie on the potential network issues?
#Help #Networking

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