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9/22/2022 5:16:51 AM

Hypothetical class reworks

So, we've got elements 3.0, let's say Bungie's next overhaul is to the classes themselves Titan 3.0 Hunter 3.0 Warlock 3.0 Let's have some fun with this hypothetical. Let's say Bungie has run a competition of some sort, and you won! The prize is a simple one, get flown to Bungie HQ and get to be the idea lead on reworking one of the classes from the ground up. New Supers, new aesthetic, exotic changes to work with the new supers, new class ability, the works. You provide the ideas, Bungie brings it to life, and you can change as little or as much as you'd like. So... what class would you pick, and how would you overhaul it? As an example, despite myself being a Warlock main, I would probably overhaul Titans. Most notably, I'd change their aesthetic to look more knight like, and make their supers reflect this. Subclass names could stay the same so... Sentinel: would get 3 new supers Measured Offense: Form a small buckler shield of void light, alongside a spear. The shield only blocks for the user, and they can throw both shield and spear for a ranged attack. Hold the line: Form a kite shield and short sword of void light, holding the aim button will hunker the user behind their shield, and project the commanders shield wall out to guard their allies, empowering their shots. The user can then either leave the shield and charge with their sword, or throw the sword for a single piercing bolt that stops when it hits an enemy it can't one shot. Move as one: Form a tower shield and lance of void light, holding the aim button produces a ward of dawn that moves with the user. They can also mount their sparrow while using this super and act as mounted cavalry, holding their shield and charging with their lance to crash through enemies. The barricade class ability sticks around, but with a unique third variant for each class, Sentinel would get the mobile Barricade, a player height, three player wide barricade that moves forward at walking speed. Sunbreaker: Not much to say, double down on the hammers. only changes would be the new class ability being spiked barricade, a barricade that has spikes made of solar light jutting out from it to further damage enemies passing through it. And the addition of a new super, sort of an in between of burning maul and hammer of Sol. Freyr's Fury: Form two hammers of Solar light and either spin like a tornado, or throw them like boomerangs. Striker: Again, not too much to say, the new barricade is siege wall, small, only one player can fit behind it, but it can be melee'd to launch it forward like a battering ram. And a new super: Voltaic berserk. Throw punches from first person, getting a kill with a punch creates a cone of arc energy from the target that blinds and jolts targets behind the initial victim. Behemoth: Oh boy... the new barricade, crystal barricade, basically a version of the tactical barricade that is made of stasis crystals, stops enemies from rushing through the barricade to get to you, and you can shatter it if they get to close. Glacial Quake can stay, I like that, but it got me thinking... what if Stasis was a sort of jack of all trades super class, where it sort of copies supers from the light elements in various ways. Glacial Quake is basically a stasis fist of havoc. So.... Skadi's Sunder: Think Burning Maul, but instead of a flaming great hammer, it's a chunk of stasis formed into a large morning star, slamming it into the ground creates a star of stasis crystals from the impact point, when swung it launches a cone shaped slowing field. Hail of blows: Slam the ground to create a ring of stasis crystals with a slowing field in them, trapping enemies in the makeshift arena with you. So... with that in mind and as an example. What would you do to change a class?

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