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9/14/2022 6:18:24 PM

Its time for snipers to get a overhaul on how they function in PvE

From my experience with myself and the many other players I have seen and loadouts they use, noone uses snipers in PvE unless its basically mandatory or if its the 2nd best option in a DPS rotation such as a good heavy weapon with auto-loading or if someone already called dibs on witherhoard since this game doesn't allow for dot stacking. their ammo is terrible and their difficulty to use versus any other special is laughable for what you get out of them. I remember being addicted to sniping all because of one perk in Destiny 1 called surplus. Maybe i'm alone on this, but i feel strongly you shouldnt feel stupid for wasting a special weapon bullet on a red bar. Snipers make that feel significantly worse as most people save snipers purely for the chunky stuff that cant ultimately be tumbled over faster & easier with a shotgun or fusion. I'm sure other players have better ideas than me, but thought i'd mention mine and maybe get the topic talked about by smarter/more experienced people. I'm thinking snipers need a change in 1 of 2 ways (or both depending on tuning). 1.) snipers should all intrinsically have a stacking damage buff for landing consecutive crits, something like cranial spike before the change with season of plunder. In exchange of this, sniper damage perks are scaled down a bit, but ultimately make the lack of damage perks on snipers still have them competing as decent DPS options, with damage perks making them shine even brighter as a reward for precision gameplay. Since they are strong at base, non-damage perks could be desirable to make using sniper rifles for non-boss / non-endgame feel more smooth and less punishing when needing to line up shots. 2.) ammo economy needs to be better, much better (honestly this needs to be looked at for EVERYTHING, its kind of silly how sometimes i can never see a heavy brick drop even when running an ammo finder mod and this is NOT an exaggeration). Sniper reserves should honestly be around double the size. They already have a disadvantage of being further from ammo drops by design, why aren't they compensated with larger reserves? Perks should be added to incentivize general gameplay, a random idea i got was perks similar to swords where ammo is returned on kill, with some perks with a stronger effect for precision, such a a high chance (60~80%) of ammo return to reserves on a precision kill. There is a mod that rewards ammo to fusion/shotguns when surrounded, why not a mod that rewards ammo when not near enemies for snipers? As i said, i'm not a master at this sort of thing, but i'm sure i'm not the only one that wants to see some love for snipers. I'd love for there to be a day where where a sniper is part of my everyday loadout again. Extra something if you've made it this far: While all the silly drama with divinity is happening and for fun: How about an exotic sniper with the effect to penetrate a target whether on the targets crit spot or not, and with consecutive hits on that spot, them and other players then gain access to the incremental precision damage listed earlier but resets on a miss, and the length of time of the weak spot is dependent on consecutive hits on that spot from the exotic sniper wielder. Like Gjally, this could be designed to provide less of a scalar from ths bonus damage to other snipers (or not if idea #1 doesn't get implemented).Yes the function works very similar to divinity with more emphasis on precision and consistency, but thats what people are asking for right? options.

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