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9/11/2022 5:24:50 PM

Nothing needs a nerf.

Div does not need a nerf, resilience does not need a nerf, neither do Izanagi, linears, tractor, bonk titans, storm grenades, fusion grenades, wells nor bubbles. Bungie has been working on our player power for the past couple years, to perfect our "tools" to conquer challenging content. They perfected how we can engage with content, how we as players can use our tools to kit out ourselves to negate most of the challenges that have been in the game SO FAR. It is now up to Bungie to create/rework content in a way that our tools can be used the intended way and not completely negate difficulty. It is not a smart idea to try take away somebody's toy when they had to overcome challenges for it. I feel robbed of my time everytime something like the Izanagi nerf happens. Outside of the game content, many people - me included - struggle with social anxiety and finding people to get certain items is harder than for others. Don't rob people of their achievements, go the hard way and create challenges for the tools you gave us (, Bungie).

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