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9/8/2022 5:42:21 AM

Machine feedback

Good Day, With the Objective of using LMGs for add clear purposes, would it be possible to specifically increase the frequency of ammo drops from the helmet ammo finders ? I'm not asking for a 2x increase, it is just very difficult picking LMGs specifically for add clear just to use it in one room in a GM encounter and then barely get any ammo back for the rest of the strike. In the current state I prefer using LFs/Rockets because I feel like I am packing more of a punch throughout the strike, I have the heavy to use on the difficult combatants and I can just use my abilities and free primary ammo which takes a bit longer than LMGs to clear a room but because of the free nature of both of these options I don't see the need to use LMGs for add clear which would barely have the ammo I need to do the job. This is why I am asking for an increase in the probability of ammo finder bricks as you have to kill targets for this to activate not just free ammo. DPS is not the problem in the current and box with LMGs but they are still not fulfilling the desired objective The master NF modifier is great for LMGs but even that can be a bit too much something in between that and the current drop rate would be perfect imo

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