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9/6/2022 12:20:49 PM
Hello there[url=],[/url] The reasons that can cause a restriction can be found here: [url=]Why was I Restricted?[/url] Restrictions for [i]Connections[/i]: The 1st restriction is for 2 weeks Each additional will be 2 months If you believe the restriction was placed in error, feel free to submit an appeal on this [url=]Page[/url]. Please read all the info on the page before submitting the form at the bottom. [b]The form is for appeals only, they do not answer questions as to why or how long.[/b] [spoiler] Requests for additional information, such as the length of a restriction or reason for a ban, will be disregarded. Here are some suggestions that may help with connection issues: [spoiler] [quote]1. Use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi 2. Quit any program or turn off other devices that are streaming 3. Clear your [url=]console cache[/url] or, if on PC, [url=] verify the integrity of your game files[/url]. 4. Power cycle your internet router 5. [url=]Improve your latency and packet loss[/url] 6. Follow the [url=]Network Troubleshooting Guide[/url] for best optimizing your connection to Destiny. If issues persist, try the [url=]Advanced Steps Networking Guide[/url] for possible router solutions, such as enabling UPnP or changing your NAT type. 7. Enable IPV6 on your router to see if that helps[/quote] [/spoiler]

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