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8/30/2022 10:40:17 PM

[NA - All Platforms - 18+] Drifter's Dropouts - looking for active players to join us for Season of Plunder!

We are Drifter’s Dropouts, a tightly-knit community that’s more than just a LFG machine. Drifter’s Dropouts is a group of adults who can sit down and enjoy the game together. We're a clan that has each other's backs. Whether you’re looking for someone to teach you a new or old raid, assistance with a quest, a regular raid group or a group to mess around in Crucible with - you’ll find like minded individuals here. At Drifter’s Dropouts we pride ourselves on being enjoyable people to play Destiny with. We like to have fun, but we can also get stuff done. We can’t promise we won't shoulder charge you into a wall or off a cliff, but we can promise that you'll get whatever activity done. Most of the time. We have a few spots open and are looking to add some new members to our clan for Season 18. We are looking for active Destiny players who are interested in end-game activities such as: Raids, Ordeal Nightfalls, and PvP. At Drifter’s Dropouts we also have members who like to push themselves to their limits, whether that is doing a Day 1 Raid, helping others complete Grandmaster Nightfalls or duking it out in Trials of Osiris. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a New Light you are welcome to apply to our clan! While we are a Destiny clan, we also enjoy playing other games too. It is not necessary to play these games but if you enjoy playing other games then we have some variety for you! Please note that most of our members are located in North America. Most of our weekday raids start at 8pm EST at the earliest. The majority of our raids are planned ahead of time using Charlemagne. Our clan is currently 95% PC players but with the addition of cross-play we are welcoming players from all platforms to apply! Requirements: - Have Discord and a working microphone - Be active in Discord (text and voice channels) - Be active in-game often and play with other clan members - Be able to speak and understand English fairly well - Be at least 18 years old Instructions to join: - Up vote this post - Join our Discord ( - Read EVERYTHING in #welcome and follow the instructions to submit an application

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