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Bearbeitet von OniDarkClown: 8/26/2022 4:25:49 AM

Lightfall pre-order defective for PS4 Users.

Since I pre-ordered the lightfall collector's edition. Got e-mailed the code for it and used it. I have been unable to launch Destiny 2. It crashes the second I press X at the title screen. I've contacted Sony. They said it's a bungie problem. Bungie needs to fix it. I would like to say I've contacted bungie. But there is no way. I've made posts in the help section. But not one word of this problem is mentioned anywhere by bungie. I am not alone. Others have this problem. So beat I can tell. Bungie sold me a defective product. I don't think it's too much to ask that the product I paid for works. And for it not to break the game I bought it for. I could try to get a refund. But I should not have to. As of this moment. Destiny 2 for me is unplayable. Unlaunchable. And has cost me over 250$ for the privilege of breaking the game for me. If any of you have this problem. Spread the word. So no one else get put in this situation. And so Bungie is made aware of the problem with their defective faulty product they are charging money for. ~OniDarkClown~

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