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8/17/2022 5:55:12 PM

Ringing Audio Effect and players with tinnitus

Just seeing if it’s in game accessibility options or making aware of other game (Insurgency, R6) option to disable the audio queue of the ears ringing after getting flash banged. As a lot of other Veterans and people that work around loud machinery I suffer from tinnitus (thank you mr IED guy) a lot of other games have started including an option to disable the ringing effect as it will cause continuous ringing afterwards. As y’all put in the Arc up date it will be included as part of the new subclass and knowing y’all top notch audio team it will be really accurate, thus setting off mine every time I am flash banged leading to ringing and a sleepless night. I think the visual clue will be enough and ask you to make it accessibility option to disable on behalf of myself, the other 10% of American Adults, and those in other countries that suffer from this frustration hearing injury. Or at least look in to it please. Respectfully Mr Finkler

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