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8/17/2022 1:31:19 AM

Still Have OLD Tracked Challenges- Won't Go Away

I cannot find a Bungie help line to contact which has me beyond frustrated so I figured why not try here. I play on Steam. When you press Tab it brings up your tracked stuff right? I still have "Light Reclaimer II: Defeat Lighthoarders in PsiOps Battleground Cosmodrome", and it's marked completed. This is from Season of The Risen and it's still 'tracked'. I have had this in my tracked list since before Season of The Haunted and I cannot get it to go away. If I go to "Past Challenged" in the seaonal challenges, I cannot untrack it (I assume because it is completed). Today I log on for the first time since the Solstice event ended and I still have "Hand Lighter: Defeat targets with Hand Cannons" tracked even though the Solstice is over. How do I get rid of those so I can track the items I actually want to track? Tracking a new item doesn't make them go away, I can't find a way to untrack this stuff. I'm beyond frustrated especially because there appears to be a new forever tracked item on my list.
#Help #gameplay

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