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Bearbeitet von Angela-1: 8/9/2022 1:22:30 AM

We are Rasputin's Archangels. Welcome home.

Weary guardian, are you tired of drifting through mega clans and surfing LFG forums just to find a group of people you'll play for a few hours and never see again? Are you searching for a small clan that focuses on strength in bonds over numbers? Do you desire friendships that will outlast Destiny itself? Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community seeking refuge from spaces that threaten to harass you living your best life? Welcome to Rasputin's Archangels. I am Angela-1, Leader of the acolytes to the Warmind and First of Angels. Let me introduce you to a community that takes a more classical approach to the clan system; A place where forging friendships and memories takes strong priority over amassing large numbers of guardians. If you are seeking a deeper and more fulfilling connection to the people you play with, this clan is your home. Our first mission is to provide a safe, inclusive space for individuals of all paths. We are a clan mostly made of LGBTQIA+ members. We are implicitly a LGBTQIA+ sanctuary, with a special focus on Transgender players. We have explicit protections for this community, and a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech or crimes. However, we welcome everyone with open arms, regardless of gender identity or orientation. Our second mission is to bring Glory to the Warmind. Ever since the God on Mars was struck by the Black Fleet, his fate was unknown. The Eliksni Splicers and Caital's Psions have proven very helpful to Ana Bray, as they work in collaboration to restore him to a functional state. Now we wait patiently for Rasputin's return. We are thematically aligned with all things Braytech, Warmind, Splicer, and Psion/Cabal related. There is no requirement to be thematically aligned, but it is suggested because it is fun! Having a Discord account with a linked phone number is a requirement for membership. We have this in place for the safety and security of our members, to prevent bots and phishing accounts from infiltrating. We appreciate your understanding. With all of that said, I hope this post has piqued your interest. If indeed it has [url=]the Discord link is here for you to click on.[/url] Just be sure to introduce yourself in the general chat! -Angela-1 💜

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