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Bearbeitet von WildeJedi: 1/5/2022 5:02:34 PM

Gjallarhorn Catalyst 3rd Vandal not spawning?

I've ran the grasp of avarice dungeon twice since getting gjallarhorn. 1st time with my son (who already has the catalyst) and again today doing it solo. I collect the 1st two chests no problem at all but after completing the Fallen Shield, the Loot chest spawns and I collect the Loot. I then launch over to the waterfall area but there is only the normal scorch cannon vandal. Not the one with the yellow bar.?? Also,rhw actual catalyst chest isn't on top of the middle island building either? What am I doing wrong? Is it because I got Gjallarhorn on my Titan and I'm now running this on my warlock? I've transferred gjallarhorn over just in case. Bust surely if it was that, then the 1st two chests wouldn't have spawned in either? Can anyone help?

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