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7/21/2022 8:07:18 PM

Dawnbreak is the worst Super in the Game and Deadshot Goldie is the best example for Comparison.

Hello Fellow Guardians and Bungie, I NEED to adress the FACT that Solar 3.0 still has some Flaws which can't be ignored and have to be adjusted by Bungie. The Dawnbreak Super of Warlocks was pretty decent back then. It was never the mainreason why Top-Tree DB's chose to play the Subclass in PvP and Bottom Tree was never really broken for PvE either but getting Super energy back for kills with Dawnbreak Projectiles was kinda effective for low tier content - even without exotic - ,but the entire subclass-tree wasn't that special either until Chainignitions got buffed last year (i think it was in S15) and it got halfway noticed because of Necrotic Grips. With the new 3.0 Changes all of that perrished and the need to nerf it/ balance it didn't exist anymore. HOWEVER, someone in the Sandbox team decided that Dawnbreak is a "PvP ONLY" super and made it borderline useless even with good fragments for PvE but not only that, it also became far less interesting for PvP for following reasons: Dawnbreak - 10:35 min. base CD (highest CD tier) - Projectiles need imense ammout of Fragments to become Viable (Ignite on kill, better Tracking) - Low duration - Icarus Dashes consume Super energy - projectiles can be dodged easily from further away - projectiles require you to aim properly from further away and they miss halfway, the projectiles are not lethal All these Things are causing this super to be highly unattracive. Dawnblade warlocks must no be nerfed to the ground just because they have 1 tiny icarus dash. The other 2 aspects are literally useless in pvp. None of these Aspects grants you a high benefit for your gameplay like the Overshield Barricade for Titans for example. Touch of Flame is a "Decent" Option but most people are playing the Healing grenade regardless of the Aspect and the other Grenades are only a bit more effective but nothing special since none of the grenades has a 1-hit-Lethality (fusion grenades with ToF require you to land 1 shot as well to be lethal) The icarus dash aspect is partially only usable with the heat rises aspect to gain the 2nd icarus dash charge for consuming your grenade (making aspects depend on each other is stupid). And with the current In-air Accuracy changes, gunfighting while floating makes you highly vulnerable and more likely to miss your shots. There is plenty of evidence that in-air combat sucks for Dawnblades with Heat Rises. NOW. If we compare all of this to our Solar 3.0 Hunter, its clear that Bungie doesnt want Warlocks to play Daybreak. Warlocks HAVE to be supporters without the support, since everyone can be a healer now but with lethal and better Supers as well. Deadshot Goldie: - Hitscan - 100% aim assist from hip/ while aiming - Shots DO NOT consume Super energy - hitting your almost unmissable shots will refund extra shots - shots can be spammed (for example to pop a bubble in a very short time) - very long super runtime compared to Dawnbreak - hunters got 5 fragment slots for PvP (nobody plays gunpowder gamble) which causes them to skill into ignition on superkills or better projectile tracking with no downside - projectiles are almost impossible to be dodged - less Base CD than Hammer of Sol and Dawnbreak (9:16) It's not a secret anymore that people say that Deadshot Goldie is a 7th Column Simulator in 6v6. Youtube is full with easy Golden Gun Killing Sprees. Tell me what you think about it and have a nice day.

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