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7/9/2022 2:11:57 AM

contacting destiny server

I have linked the video that I have watched on how to fix this problem, but I don't play on a Lenovo. I constantly get this error message and then get kicked by battle eye, sometimes I just get removed from the session and get put back into orbit for a bad connection however I have good internet and a good connection on everything else. I have managed to fix this problem in the past by playing with a wireless connection but it only worked for a day and then it was right back to an un-playable experience with constant crashes. I highly doubt that It would be a hardware problem. I have also tried checking upnp, resetting the IP on my computer, restarting the computer, verifying game files, playing on beta version of steam and clearing my download cache. Please someone help me, I am desperate to be able to play this game without playing through whole missions just to stand IN FRONT of end loot chest and then be kicked by this stupid problem.

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