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[b]Astria[/b] is a new clan and is now recruiting members from all plats!! [b]What we look for in members:[/b] -Be active! A kick is issued with warning to people who havent been on in 2+ weeks. -Join the [u]Discord![/u] This is a requirement for clanmates. If you do not join the discord you will not be accepted. -Be active within clan. [u]Clanmates must participate in clan nights or movie nights at least once a month. [/u]There is at least 4 opportunities to do so. -Be respectful to other friends and staff, we want this to be your home! -Just have fun! Besides being active and needing discord we dont ask much more of members! [b]What we offer as a clan:[/b] -A cool team of admins and soon to be sherpas to help you with the game -Endgame content (trials, raids GMs) -LFG channels to set up activities -Multiple voice channels for everyone -Events -A minecraft section in the discord! -A nice clean discord server free of clutter or annoying rules! -A clan who does both PvP and PvE -A nice community -An active clan who will love you ❤️ Clan is set to Requests meaning we have to review before accepting, to be accepted you must be in the discord first!! :) [b]Clan and Discord: Discord:[/b] (we are a community you dont need to be in clan to join, feel free to stop by!) [b]Clan:[/b]

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