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Bearbeitet von Rogue: 7/3/2022 1:50:56 AM

Can we just take a moment to talk about Pvp in its current state?

As somebody who enjoys pvp in Destiny 2, I feel like Bungie does not care about it. First of all, the main problem (which I’m sure you can all agree with me on) is the lack of maps. Destiny 2 has lots of maps, I will say but it’s not enough maps. Bungie has added a new map (Disjunction) but in my opinion, I really do not like the map itself. Before disjunction we had no new maps except for obviously Vostok and Eternity which are not new maps. (recycled) I also do not really like those two either. The other problem is the fact that Bungie adds these broken -blam!- weapons and abilities to the game and take too long to nerf them or do not nerf them enough. For example, shadderdive was extremely broken, I’m sure we can all agree. Bungie nerfed it about a month or two after it became broken but did not nerf it enough and it kept on being broken. After that nerf, shadderdive was still just as broken and was becoming a problem in Pvp. It’s not until like 6 or more months later it was eventually nerfed to the ground. Now to be honest, I love pvp, more then pve. I just HATE about how much Bungie stays away from it and focuses more on pve. I do like that they focus on pve because it gives more stuff to do in the pve side of things. But, where have the pvp charges been? There’s obviously nothing we can do though, it’s not our game, it’s Bungies. The only thing we can do is suggest ideas to them.

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