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6/29/2022 9:41:51 AM

game not using gpu and cpu usage is also very low

specs: Windows 10 Nvidia 2080TI z390 aorus master I9-9900k 32gb ram 1000w PS i updated my drivers, verified game files, went into nvidia control panel and set the rendering gpu to my dedicated gpu, disabled vsync and even lowered settings in game. i also went into the cvars.xml and disabled low latency mode and made sure i had a high framerate cap and still im locked at what feels like 20-30 fps. not sure what else to do and really dont want to give up on the game but its pretty unplayable for me. cpu averages about 20% utilization and gpu sits at 1% all discs 0-1% and memory at 67% thanks for your time, anything helps <3

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