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6/29/2022 1:17:46 AM

13 Clans, 7K + members, 1 Family | PC, PSN, XBOX

Eyes Up, Guardian! House of Light is growing everyday and we would love to see players like you! Our massive, 7K+ strong social & gaming community is open to all players whether it be New Light or D1 veterans, we strive to create a place where guardians of all skill levels feel welcome and at home! Here’s just some of what we offer in House of Light: 🔺13 ACTIVE clans with members from different timezones across the globe and a helpful admin team. ⚔️Sherpa Hub program, with passionate and certified Sherpas, guaranteed to teach any Destiny 2 raid in stress-free and chill runs. 🪅Community events hosted every month! From Minecraft to Jackbox, we host all kinds of gaming events! 🤝Active LFG platforms, open to ALL members for all of your Destiny in-game needs! 🎙Destiny-talk related channels to catch up on the latest meta builds or lore! 🔥We also have a ton of social channels guaranteed to give you serotonin such as petlove, art channel, photography, & even more! 🔥 Join the party at:

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