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6/28/2022 8:46:50 AM

Season content loop is NOT good. Storytelling shouldn’t be the only focus.

Public events or 3/6 man activities? These are pretty much the only things we get in the form of content for seasons. With a mission that you play once only to be required to play again for challenges and never again after. Where is the fun factors in these activities? I highly doubt people see nightmare containment and look forward to playing it on the 4th week. And once the last sever mission is out, who’s going to replay them just because? Also where are missions like whisper or outbreak where the community will randomly find it while bungie keeps quiet? Now we just have a vendor to tell us to do a mission. No secrecy, no mystery and no surprise exotic. Vox posed none of this and offered a mediocre exotic (although it was a good mission first time). Personally I would love to see an activity that pushes the boundaries of what seasonal content has to offer with the addition of a difficult version ON RELEASE. And not just legend versions, I’m talking master or potential GM level that we can do right away with worth while rewards. Difficulty should NEVER be time gated, especially when the game is the easiest it’s ever been. Also a secret mission should be added again with steps that aren’t apparent on reset that gets the community excited upon discovering it. It’s just disappointing, knowing that bungie puts time into an activity that I’ll do for the title and never touch again after because it’s not fun. Many others and I found prison of elders fun because it was a varied activity with good density, modifiers, very unique loot (not reskins) and versions that offered high difficulty with raid like mechanics. It pushed the boundaries with its high end bosses and skolas. Now we just get bosses that ask nothing more than for us to stand still and occasionally shoot an object or dunk an orb. TL;DR: we need more innovation in activities without limiting difficulty but still offer said difficulty as an option IMMEDIATELY, but also introduce more secret missions that are ACTUALLY SECRET and have exotics that aren’t like dead messenger (which is bland and has no real identity unlike DMT, outbreak and whisper).

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