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6/2/2022 4:52:10 PM

[BUG] Khepri's Sting almost entirely nonfunctional save for damage boost on thrown smoke bombs

Khepri's Sting broadly doesn't FUNCTION with Void 3.0's smoke grenades - "melee triggers the smoke grenade" consumes the meter and gives no benefit OTHER than the true sight in most circumstances, not even triggering the bomb's damage. As far as I can tell, it ONLY triggers in the circumstance where the smoke bomb's damage WOULD be a finishing blow, in which case it detonates properly, dealing damage and (if Trapper's Ambush is equipped) granting invisibility. Otherwise, it deals no damage and does not grant invisibility OR cause Weaken (and instead seems to cause Suppress? Not entirely sure what the debuff is; see attached video) but does cause an (AoE?) blind and truesight. When just throwing the smoke bomb, the additional damage functions (going from about 6k to 9k on Skexis without shields), but you don't get truesight. Further, while in the Trapper's Ambush smoke cloud, you don't get the Truesight, nor does Trapper's Ambush deal additional damage.

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