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Bearbeitet von Traian--: 5/25/2022 2:25:15 AM

Shadowkeep ‘Beyond’ Quest Bug (Season of the Haunted)

‘Beyond’ is the last mission in the Shadowkeep campaign. When I start the mission, there should be dialogue from Eris Morn. There isn’t any dialogue from anyone the entire time. The quest marker is also bugged. There is no marker telling you where to go when you start. Once you enter the solo area inside Enduring Abyss, the marker is behind you telling you to go back out to Sorrow’s Harbor, but if you go back out, the marker will disappear again. Despite this, I went down into the Pyramid, and none of the enemies or bosses spawn, or teleport you. I went all the way to the last room and tried to interact with the Unknown Artifact, but it doesn’t do anything. You can hold down the interact button and nothing will happen. Have tried multiple times both solo/fireteam with no success. Unable to complete the Shadowkeep campaign because of this. Any suggestions? I didn’t see this issue elsewhere on the forums or on Bungie’s known bugs list.

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