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5/23/2022 1:00:24 AM

Bungie Shills/Mindless consumers

Due to the amount of heat I got for my previous post about why Leviathan should be brought back as free content in the legends tab I want to pose another question. Why do so many people that play this game act like mindless consumers who believe bungie is capable of doing no wrong? No matter what their practices are, even if a situation actually disadvantages themselves these players will mindlessly support the status quo and believe bungie is correct and right in what they are doing. The only evidence I have for this is people who were pro vaulting content (weapon sunsetting is a whole different can of worms which I am not ready to open). And people who actively think the game should have less free content (people who seem to love pay-walls?) I appreciate bungie has put out some amazing work in their games and I myself love what they are doing with the narrative and story in the present game. But paying for every piece of content while having no appetite for critique is a blatantly naive and honestly quite childish mindset to be in. Why does this exist?

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